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Leonie xx

My Work

Here is a small example of my work, if you would like to see more you're welcome to contact me and I can arrange to show you a larger portfolio.

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What's a shoot like with me?

Once you have contacted me then I will get back to you and have a chat in order to establish the kind of thing you are looking for, what the best package for you is and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Once a date is booked in then if you like we can arrange to meet up before hand so you know me and so your children can get to know me before the shoot, ensuring that they feel as comfortable as possible on the day. Also I can show you the products I offer so you can touch and see them for yourselves or we can do that on the day of the shoot if that suits your schedule better. I prefer to do this before your gallery goes live so you don’t feel pressured as I equally hate the hard sale technique!

Either way we will have regular contact on the lead up to the shoot, advising clothing, swapping ideas and if its a location shoot avidly keeping an eye on the weather and I will be preparing well to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get exactly what you want.

The shoot itself is really relaxed, we throw around some ideas, have little breaks if the kids need it and generally have a good time. The more relaxed everyone is then the better the images!

Your images will then take 14 working days to prepare, after which I will then upload them onto the protected gallery which you can share with friends and family and you can order any extra products should you wish.

I will then be in contact to arrange delivery of your products and get your feed back.

If you want to know any more then send me an email or give me a call and I can answer an specific questions you may have!


Who I Am

Hi, I’m Leonie and I am a family portrait photographer who works in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area.

I live with my husband Stephen in a teeny tiny house with a big garden and gorgeous views.

Some of my favourite things in the world, outside of snapping away on my camera, are spending time with my large family (I am one of 5 children), spending time with my gorgeous nephew and niece, Finley and Ava, having a cosy evening at home with some good food and friends, being near the sea, it instantly calms me and playing Cluedo, best game ever, (note - I’ve only ever won once, I’m totally rubbish at it!).

I love meeting new people and my most favourite thing to photograph is humans, in particular children! An amazing landscape is wonderful, but how many people have captured that exact same image. But with people, no image is ever the same, there is interaction, emotion and a personality and I love it, that’s why I eventually moved over into the portrait side of photography.



I have been in the photography industry for 11 years now. After studying photography full time for 2 years my first job was working for an online clothing company in St Albans where among other duties I did their product photography.

After that I went on to shoot for a number of independent boutiques and jewellers, and had the privilege of having my work featured in The Times and Elle Magazine online. I did this for around 7 years until a client asked me to take some photos of her grandchildren on their farm in Harpenden. They were so happy with the results they bought the entire gallery and I was hooked!

I love the creativity, the way children are so pure in front of the camera. I love seeing families grow over the years (incidentally the original family I took the images for, have come back to me every year since) and being able to capture those fleeting moments when your children are young so you can keep them forever.

My shoots are really relaxed. I direct a little to make you all feel comfortable and then as you all relax, I like things to take their course naturally. I don’t like to use fussy props as I want you all to be the stars of the show! Simple, elegant and bright is the look I try to achieve. The idea of the photoshoot is to capture you and your family’s personality and I want it to be a great experience for you all too, so no smiles through gritted teeth, it’s all relaxed, fun and enjoyable, I just happen to be there to capture all of that!

If this sounds like something you would like to experience then please contact me and we can discuss more over the phone .


Price List


Say Hello.

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I can be contacted on the following number: +44 7811 208101
Or if you prefer then send me an email: leonie@leoniepenney.co.uk