Grab yourself a cuppa and have a look around. All the information you need should be here but if not then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Leonie xx

What's a shoot like with me?

Once you have decided to book a shoot with me (btw great decision) I'll arrange to either call or meet with you and the family so we can get to know each other and what you want from the shoot. I’ll show you the products you can order such as prints, photobooks etc. I prefer to do this before the shoot as I hate the whole pressured sale thing, as Im sure you do too!

Depending on which plan you choose your shoot will last anything from 1 -2 hours, I'm not a major stickler for the time so we can take as many bathroom, outfit change and snack breaks as needed (I’m partial to a few biscuits too!) The idea is to relax and enjoy a day out. When children play they forget I am there; and thats when we get good shots and everyones personality shines through.

After the shoot I upload the finished images onto a password protected site and you can order.

Its a simple as that!


Who I Am

Bonjour, hello and welcome to my world
As you can probably guess, I’m a photo loving girl

It began in 2007 when I started snapping loads of shots
My camera knows no bounds, from people to pots!

I started with product photography
From boutiques to lovely jewellery

After being featured in The Times and Elle magazine
I wanted to be more creative so I changed the scene

Now I spend my time with many a family
Children being my absolute specialty

In my personal life I married a lovely Irish lad
I love being at home with him even though I drive him mad

I love my big family, I’m the youngest of them all
I’m also the shortest, proudly standing at 5ft tall

So that’s just some things I want you to know about me
I would love to take your picture, give me a call and let’s see...


My Work

Here is a small example of my work, if you would like to see more you're welcome to contact me and I can arrange to show you a larger portfolio.

Say Hello.

Get in touch and I will reply as soon as I can.
I can be contacted on the following number: +44 7811 208101
Or if you prefer then send me an email: leonie@leoniepenney.co.uk